It Follows (2014) – Review

I saw this film at the BFI, an early screening with a Q&A with the director and actors which was a really great experience. I really should of done this review then, just before, but of course i got over run with things to do. But i thought I would still do this review 🙂

A refreshing new direction in the horror genre, in which i felt a lot of people sighed a breath of relief upon its release, the film takes the old horror which we all fell in love with in the 70’s and 80’s(in particular HALLOWEEN) and gives it a fresh new update without falling into the slasher category. From the score to the cinematography this film is an enjoyable watch. It felt all-american, bringing to mind  A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween , I also loved the new horror monster, which presents itself in the form of ourselves an age old horror tale, which had been masked (literally) by costumes etc. This films offers no answers, and sometimes that can be the downfall for some, it has rules, but no origin or history on which the audience can lean back on and fully absorb, i’m a girl who likes answers and ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is relevant in horror. Other times not knowing the answers point blank can back a film up and give it more, by revealing less. In this case i think it JUST manages to scrape by.

While this film didn’t really scare me, i even watched in the cinema (a perfect atmosphere to truly experience horror) i also wasn’t so convinced on the characters. I liked the dynamics but was left wanting more, with a strong set up, more character development was needed to carry it through to be really satisfying. All in all, it is worth a watch, i should like to give it a second viewing for sure.


Summer Reading List! 

I thought, since I had shared my life in book in 2014, i’d share what I hope to have read and finished this year. September- end of 2014 was a poor time for me in reading, being caught up in my first year of uni I really had no time or concentration to read, the same going for the first part of 2015. And so i’ll be dedicating this summer to finishing the books above, which i had started reading them all! I look forward to reading them 🙂 I will comment on all the books starting from the bottom:

Lynch on Lynch: I purchased this book at the BFI store, a beautiful store which i love and wish to visit more often. I went through a brief period of Lynch loving ? recently getting into Twin Peaks, and always been a fan of his film work, it thought i should read up on the man behind the camera.

Runaway Horses: The second, instalment of Mishima Yukio’s trilogy of Sea of Fertility, this book is well overdue, as I had read the first in 2012 or 2013 one of the two! leaving such a wide gap, especially in a foreign series really does hinder the experience, therefore i must finish this book this year!

Anna Karenina: I started this book late 2014, and  I am half way through, i adore this book and really want to finish it this summer, i am still within the narrative and so picking it up and getting back into it isn’t so bad. It’s just a very big book haha.

Someone At A Distance: I couldn’t resist buying another Persephone book, and so this was a guilty pleasure book, i wanted to buy a summer read and this book is the perfect one!

Dylan Thomas: My most recent book, which had been on my Amazon Wishlist for some time, i didn’t mean to actually buy this book (a long story) but this happen to be the book i am most interested in reading right now.. after reading Clarke Gables biography I wanted to read some more, and they are really great reads, especially when you are so invented in the person.

Coming back this summer!

An update:

Sorry for being so absent, i’ve seen many film, i have really! but haven’t had the time or mindset to really write out reviews or anything really to do with what I am doing. I wanted to give an update to what i will for 100% posting in the next few weeks:

  • Review/dairy of my mini Cannes Film Festival trip
  • Catch up reviews of the following films: It follows, Whiplash, The Theory of everything, the imitation game, Still Alice, Life Itself, Night crawler
  • Classic Reviews of: The Third Man, Amadeus, The producers& Young Frankenstein
  • Shoutout review: Detachment
  • Star of the Week
  • My own short film
  • Life/Career Update
  • DVD update

Son of Saul (2015) Review

In my 3 days at Cannes Film Festival this was the only film i was able to see that was in the competition. A lot of buzz was around this film, as the director had struck lucky in not having to build his way into Cannes but has earned a place straight into the competition. Directed by Laszlo Nemes, a Hungarian film that offers a new unique perspective of the holocaust. The plot:

In the horror of 1944 Auschwitz, a prisoner forced to burn the corpses of his own people finds moral survival upon trying to salvage from the flames the body of a boy he takes for his son.

A hard hitting film to watch, i found this quite gripping and a non stop dream/nightmare. The film is very continuous and takes place over two days and you as the audience feel it. It gives a new feeling to the Holocaust narrative. The director is able to transport us into this time and horror, to experience how they would have experienced it, i believe this is helped by the following and close up shots of our protagonist. The film is very clever in it’s out of focus moments of the most horrific violence of the holocaust, giving us only blurry glimpses, something i think reflects todays understandings. We can read about it but we were never there, we only have a half formed image, blurry even but never in focus. Alternatively this filmmaking device could have been used to show our characters detachment from events around him, something you would believe he would need to do to carry out his job, making his all the more tragic hero of sorts (a controversial one).

This film will certainly divide its audiences, however this is what i feel makes a good film, very strong reactions. Myself and my peers all had something to say on the film and the ending, which is so powerful but also up for many interpretations. I am so glad to have watched this film and been reminded of a part of the past that was to me but a blurry, out of focus image.