My Short Film

Over the past few months i have been doing a short film, I say months but it didn’t take that long to film, more like pre-production etc, it was such a long task to find an actress, hold down/find crew and get locations and also find the perfect filming dates around uni schedule. The short film is currently in Post-Production stages, myself the editor. It is a laborious task. I have never had so many ups and downs while doing a film. I think once i have completed the film i will write a full length detail on the whole process, my personal experience. Keep tuned for the upcoming weeks, i hope to have finished by the end of May! Here are some screen shots of the raw original footage, not colour graded or anything.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 00.58.29Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 00.59.04Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 01.00.50Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 01.02.36


My first script!


Here is the script I wrote for an assignment at university, it was to be at 5 minutes. I took influences from Plato and general philosophical ideas about life after death. Also the idea of a dystopian future where religion is really no more.

Applying to University

Hey guys.. I thought I’d let you in on which Universities I am applying for and some reasons why 🙂

*DISCLAIMER: Highly improbable that I will make it into any of these however i still wish to share my choices. Also they are in no Particular order.

Sheffield Hallam: This uni is in my hometown.. a safe backup however it is a great uni never the less and the film course looks pretty perfect! tho I just really want to gain some independence and confidence.. experience something new…

Kent University: I mentioned this uni before HERE. I travelled down and I loved the feeling,, it looks like a great course and offers a year abroad or a year in industry! something i think is valuable to film. PLUS it is near London 😉

York University: A renowned university, its got great facilities and i think it would be great to go (I heard York is pretty nice place) however it has the highest required grades…

Hertfordshire University: A uni i decided on last minute it seemed like a nice solid choice and offers great practical, not much to say on this one..

Bournemouth University: When i mention film all I hear is this place! right down in the south it would be a long long away however I think it would be a great university for me creatively and looks very hands on! I was pretty star struck by this one for some time…

At this moment in time my application hasn’t been sent yet however I wish to bump up one of my target grades and then hopefully it will be okay.. I’ll’ll make a post when/ if i get offers updating you guys 🙂

The BFI- How is it going?

Having successfully making into the BFI Film Academy I have finished making a short film along with 4 our people. Also on a side note apparently there was alot of other people who applied 🙂 this made me happy that i got in!

Anyway.. i was assigned the leadership role of being the Editor.. and after last times mess i was quite worried and not that excited.. however a night before actual editing, after we had shot the film i was very excited with ideas whirling round my mind i was hopeful for what tomorrow would bring.. I think editing went well… i was nervous about the sound but we basically used all soundtrack on top. I did get stressed out near the end because we were one of two of the last groups left put of four altogether. So to be honest i don’t know for sure whether the film really is good or not. Now that sounds stupid but it’s true… anyway aside from the frustration i am happy to add another short to my list of films i have done.. when I get ahold i will put it up straight away.. that is if I can. But there will be a showing at the cinema to friends & family which is sweet.

Things i was worried about during my time of the short film were bossy people, overpowering people and creative differences and having no friends. However these did not happen i made a friend or friends and no one in the group was over powering to my surprise. We were all mellow and got along great… though probably more quite then the rest of the groups.. i feel like this nearly could have resulted in the chaos of production. But we pulled together and it felt like a very tight production  🙂

The master-classes have been interesting.. some miss and other a hit but overall i did enjoy them, i appreciated the people who came in to talk very nice. and lots of information was greatly useful for the future. It all really inspired me to go a do a project of my own… I hope to very soon. For those interested in my BFI progress i set up a new blog HERE that documents it all in more detail.. the most i can get and i will do big summaries of it on this blog 🙂

*Warning the BFI blog is still in development many posts are in drafts i will hopefully publish this weekend


20130927-102438 pm.jpg

On Wednesday last week I caught two coaches to Kent, Canterbury. It was long and tiresome but I think in the end it was worth it as Kent proved to be worth it! it was impressive the facilities and just the general peaceful air of the city and university, the long distance from home is my ONLY worry, ideally I wouldn’t want to be TOO far away from home, however I feel all the courses I desire are mostly in the south, this course in particular just feels so perfect with the right opportunities. a safe environment and a respected university sounds perfect to me! I just hope if I did go there I wouldn’t feel hugely isolated. The other students there seemed okay however at one point I did feel out of place, I don’t ever really know who I am in the social class per say, and so I didn’t know if I’d fit in as much as I would hope. an additionally benefit would be the closeness to London which I would hope to take great advantage of! Other places I am yet to visit are Bournemouth and I am to attend an open day at Sheffield Hallam Uni, which I am looking forward to, to compare and see which I feel is better.


I am excited to tell you guys i am going to apply to the BFI Film Academy that is taking place all across the UK and luckily in my city! i missed this opportunity in January because i was too anxious (something that happens alot) but now i realise i need to grab every opportunity i can to stand out from the rest of the crowd! here is a link for anyone interested what it consists of etc: