KABUKI Attributions

Here is a list (in order of appearance) and all the links to the sounds used in the Short film KABUKI, all sounds were sourced from freesound.org

slow-walk-on-wooden-floor by CosmicEmbers

Bedroom tone.aif by bennychico11

horror ambience 39 130206_02.wav & Creacking Oak 6bft SHORT 130418_00.wav by klankbeeld

SwordDraw.wav by Myuzishin

Long Knife by Celticvalkyria

Dark Ambience by PatrickLieberkind

Knife in wooden knife holder.WAV by Millavsb

20 hn_footstepsConcreteHH.wav by cmusounddesign

unsheath_sword.wav by Qat

Rope Cracking by bahaish