The Film Tag!

I thought it would be fun to do this, so you guys can see my preferences etc 🙂

1.What is your favourite film of all time?

This question is unfair to any cinephile! But I always answer with the following:

This film has the 80’s, the brat pack, stellar music and pure nostalgia for me!

Some other notable mentions: Amelie, A Brief Encounter, When Harry Met Sally, The Shinning, The Exorcist, Metropolis, and SO MANY MORE.

2.What is your favourite scene from that film?

There are so many!! like the whole film is my favourite, can’t forget that iconic ending though..

3. Who is your favourite actor and actress?

I really like French actresses so,

  • Marion Cotillard

  • Audrey Tautou

*Juliette Binoche too, and pretty much ALL old hollywood actresses.


Heath Ledger before her left us 😦

Michael Fassbender

Ralph Fiennes

*James Mcavoy is really good too…

4. What was the first film you saw in the cinema?

Bugs Life… from what i remember 

5. Favourite director?

Stanley Kubrick!

6. Favourite guilty pleasure film?

Grease is the one!

7. What is a film you hate that everyone loves?

This is hard to answer… The Fault in our Stars? maybe? OR Magic Mike? Either way I don’t like em.

8. What is a film you love that everyone hates?

Only God Forgives, this film got such a bad reception, but I LOVED it.

9. Which actor/actress do you have a crush on?

Leonardo DiCaprio, & River Phoenix..

and James Dean, Montgomery Clift, 80’sEric Stolz and James Spader, and Benedict Cumberbatch .. SO MANY.

10. What is your favourite animated film?

Spritied Away! it really is perfect.

Other mentions though:, Anastasia, the Lion King and Lady and the Tramp.

11. Who is your favourite film villain?

Scar, i mean he’s so sassy.

And I can’t forget The Joker

12. One remake you wish had never been made.


13. Favourite film genre?

HORROR mwuahaha

OR simply a psychological thriller 😉

14. Ever walked out of a film?

Not for reasons of unenjoyment.

ANND that is it! thanks for reading, if you decide to do this tag, link me so I can read yours 🙂


Films for Jalleh – Week 1

This week the spotlight is on the classic hollywood director BILLY WILDER. A very influential director who you SHOULD KNOW. He directed some of the most well loved, most cultrually referenced films to this day!

He was an Austrian-born American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, artist and journalist, whose career spanned more than 50 years and 60 films. He is regarded as one of the most brilliant and versatile filmmakers of Hollywood’s golden age

And I have chosen to choose his best 3 films, In my opinion, to get you into his style of filmography.  So starting with his earliest out of the 3: 


Wilder’s first thriller and a classic film noir from the 40’s. What makes this film for me is the brilliant performance by Barabra Stanwyck whose iconic image and character is today emulated and referenced in popular culture, and there is a reason why this is. GO WATCH.


Possibly my favourite, and the only one so far i own on DVD, this film is so important in that it tells the story of an even older hollywood before the one you will be watching with this film! if you don’t believe me when i say important read this from its wiki page:

Praised by many critics when first released, Sunset Boulevard was nominated for eleven Academy Awards (including nominations in all four acting categories) and won three. It is widely accepted as a classic, often cited as one of the greatest films of American cinema. Deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the U.S. Library of Congress in 1989, Sunset Boulevard was included in the first group of films selected for preservation in the National Film Registry. In 1998, it was ranked number twelve on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 best American films of the 20th century, and in 2007 it was 16th on their 10th Anniversary list.

This film is both entertaining but educational to the film industry, particularly hollywood and the transition to talkies which was a huge corner stone in film HISTORY. It is ICONIC, it is the only word that springs to mind. Again the leading lady performance is what people remember, Wilder could direct his leading ladies. Again this film is referenced so so much. But now i’m ready for my close up 😉 GO WATCH!

Last but not least:


A COMEDY CLASSIC!, A WILDER CLASSIC. AND A MARILYN MONROE CLASSIC. three in one, you can’t go wrong! things to know before you watch this film. It is SET in the 1920’s but made in 1959. It is shot in black and white on purpose, despite colour being increasingly popular, this was due to the actors makeup not translating well in colour.This film is fun and all round entertaining with a very, now, familiar formula.. ever wondered where it started.. look no further. Marilyn Monroe is electric in this film, she thrives in comedic performances where her acting really shone. GO WATCH!!


you liked any of these films? or seen one of them and maybe need another Wilder film to take its place, go on to check these out, also directed by him:

The Seven Year Itch (MORE MARILYN MAGIC)

Sabrina (NO NOT THE WITCH. I personally love audrey hepburn and this role she shines bright as ever, with the addition to legend humphrey bogart, who may have been miscast, but is still an enjoyable watch)

The Apartment (HIGHLY rated)

Summer Reading List! 

I thought, since I had shared my life in book in 2014, i’d share what I hope to have read and finished this year. September- end of 2014 was a poor time for me in reading, being caught up in my first year of uni I really had no time or concentration to read, the same going for the first part of 2015. And so i’ll be dedicating this summer to finishing the books above, which i had started reading them all! I look forward to reading them 🙂 I will comment on all the books starting from the bottom:

Lynch on Lynch: I purchased this book at the BFI store, a beautiful store which i love and wish to visit more often. I went through a brief period of Lynch loving ? recently getting into Twin Peaks, and always been a fan of his film work, it thought i should read up on the man behind the camera.

Runaway Horses: The second, instalment of Mishima Yukio’s trilogy of Sea of Fertility, this book is well overdue, as I had read the first in 2012 or 2013 one of the two! leaving such a wide gap, especially in a foreign series really does hinder the experience, therefore i must finish this book this year!

Anna Karenina: I started this book late 2014, and  I am half way through, i adore this book and really want to finish it this summer, i am still within the narrative and so picking it up and getting back into it isn’t so bad. It’s just a very big book haha.

Someone At A Distance: I couldn’t resist buying another Persephone book, and so this was a guilty pleasure book, i wanted to buy a summer read and this book is the perfect one!

Dylan Thomas: My most recent book, which had been on my Amazon Wishlist for some time, i didn’t mean to actually buy this book (a long story) but this happen to be the book i am most interested in reading right now.. after reading Clarke Gables biography I wanted to read some more, and they are really great reads, especially when you are so invented in the person.

Coming back this summer!

An update:

Sorry for being so absent, i’ve seen many film, i have really! but haven’t had the time or mindset to really write out reviews or anything really to do with what I am doing. I wanted to give an update to what i will for 100% posting in the next few weeks:

  • Review/dairy of my mini Cannes Film Festival trip
  • Catch up reviews of the following films: It follows, Whiplash, The Theory of everything, the imitation game, Still Alice, Life Itself, Night crawler
  • Classic Reviews of: The Third Man, Amadeus, The producers& Young Frankenstein
  • Shoutout review: Detachment
  • Star of the Week
  • My own short film
  • Life/Career Update
  • DVD update

My Year in Books! 2014


Slightly late I know but i knew i wanted to do a blog post on the books i read in 2014, and i saw a blog do one and thought, right let me do it now. In 2014 I had wanted to do a reading challenge of reading 20 books, however i only managed 20,  as in September I started University and a lot changed and i was far too busy to really read a book without isolating myself and being anti-social (too many nights out)

However the 14 books I did manage to read were all brilliant and some really changed my perspectives and will stay with me for a long time. I’ll list the books I read and a write a few words about my favourites, and how I also think some deserve a film adaption!

In order I read them:

  • 12 Years A Slave
  • Wuthering Heights
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower
  • The Sea, the Sea
  • Clark Gable: A Biography
  • Frankenstein
  • Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
  • The Unbearable Being of Lightness
  • The Wasp Factory
  • The Beautiful and the Damned
  • A Fine Balance
  • Animal Farm
  • Sophie’s World
  • Little Boy Lost

So a lot of the books i Read/ and read often are books that have already been adapted into films, i like to know the source material, because i think if the film is good the book must be even better! I always have a fear of buying a book and reading it only to be bored or disappointed. I rarely take risks. I will talk about one book that really had the most impact on me and I think would be an amazing film.

A novel that i had been eyeing up for some time, I finally took the plunge and book the huge book and straight away i was absorbed, i could not put it down. The characters are rich and i was desperate to get to the end. I cried and laughed at the book, something i think it a secret ingredient for any film and book to really be great! I cared for these characters and was worried for their own lives! All the way reading this I thought it would make an amazing epic novel, something like The Kite Runner . This novel has heart, philosophy and and wisdom that would last you a life time. It’s themes and ideas are so real and heartbreaking but the philosophy and wisdom is so on point, i have adapted it to my own life, even though i haven’t experienced the suffering of the characters at all, the novel shows you don’t have to, to take on board the message.  Here is my favourite quote:

Sometimes you have to use your failures as stepping-stones to success. You have to maintain a fine balance between hope and despair

This is a film I would so love to see, it was published in 1995, the same year i was born. I still have hope this novel will get its debut on the screen, it would be stunning, harrowing but so brilliant. (if done right obviously)

Anyway i start the year with a shorter challenge: 10 books. I am currently reading Anna Karenina, which i did start last year but have been so busy, but i will finish it soon..

Movies to look forward to this year: James Bond: SPECTRE

While watching the most recent Bond movie, Skyfall i decided to look it up a bit more, it was the first Bond movie i can remember really watching. It is visually stunning and actually got me interested in the character of Bond and others around him. James Bond movies to me have always been about the new theme music they have (Goldfinger being a favourite) and also they opening credits featuring these songs has always been a highlight. So while I was looking at the IMDB page for this film, i looked into Sam Mendes and saw he was directing the next Bond movie also, which is great as he proved he knew how to handle the franchise. Here is the films plot according to IMDB.

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

This sounds pretty cool. This sounds like a plot i can follow and be invested in. In addition to the interesting plot line… comes the amazing cast! a good cast really gets me excited for any film, thats why i usually always fall in love with Wes Anderson films! Here are some of the few new cast members to this upcoming Bond film that i am excited to see!

Christoph Waltz:

Breaking out into Hollywood due to his roles in Quentin Taratino’s Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained, Waltz has already won two Oscars! He has also become a personal favourite of mine, someone i am excited always to see on screen. His name alone on the list of the new Bond cast got me excited. Waltz has maybe to a disadvantaged been typecast as a villain in hollywood, which i think may be the case for the newest Bond movie. However i think this may be just the role for him.

Lea Seydoux

Seeing her name was also a nice surprise. Having just recently watched Blue is the Warmest Colour, i can see now why she and her co star have broke into Hollywood. I think this film will provide the platform for her to be really known in Hollywood. Now the question is… is she the new BOND GIRL? she may just be.

Andrew Scott

An actor who i am dying to see in more roles ever since his infamous role as Moratory in Sherlock, Scott is a welcome addition to this diverse cast and who i hope has a major role, major enough to give him a great platform for more roles outside of the UK. He also works well as a villain.. leaving me a huge question mark over his part in this next Bond movie?

Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw was a new cast member in the last Bond film and made his debut as the new Q. I have admired his work in Cloud Atlas and want to see more of him, especially in the Bond films, i feel for this new one we will hopefully see a new side to his character but also have more of his humour and banter with Daniel Craig, a bromance? or double act that could really flourish.

In addition to these amazing new cast members is also the question of who will preform the new Bond theme.. Here are a few who i think could be up for it or who i would personally think would be a good choice.

Sam Smith

One of the most popular artists of 2014 was Sam Smith, is music could be the male version of Adele. In addition he is british but him being a male puts on a twist on the Bond theme being commonly sung by a female. I would personally love to see the Bond theme being sung by him this year.

Lana Del Rey

A rising popular choice by the film industry, having written songs for The Great Gatsby, Maleficent and most recently Tim Burtons Big Eyes. Lana’s classy style would also seem like a perfect fit for the Bond theme. However I feel Lana might not be chosen due to her over exposure..?


I read that Rihanna is rumoured to be doing the next Bond theme, something that i was surprised to read. While Rihanna has great vocals,i don’t believe she has the right image that the Bond films are trying to portray.


A young and fresh break out star that soared in popularity could be just the right thing for the Bond franchise. Her unique style could easily fit the Bond franchise. I would love to see this collaboration.


More of a wishful thinking suggestion. I believe Muse would do an amazing theme for a Bond film, it would be a great rock song, that would be similar to live and let die.


A singer song writer that has become very popular in 2014 without revealing her face as much, but she has made her mark. Most recently she did a song for the movie Annie, a small step towards i believe a career doing songs for films. Sia would be perfect vocally for a Bond movie, no doubt, she is along side Sam Smith the best candidate.

Paris Trip 2014!

I thought i would post some pictures from my trip last summer. I went to paris for the Rock en Seine festival! me and two friends went to two of the three days of the festival and spent the third day purely sight seeing in Paris. I took videos more then anything because i had planned to create a video montage of my trip, I just recently reviewed the clips and will edit them this week and post the video online for you all to see 🙂

IMG_3555 IMG_3560IMG_3539 IMG_3561 IMG_3626 IMG_3629 IMG_3632 IMG_3633 IMG_3696 IMG_3627