2015/01/img_1326.jpgOne of my christmas presents! This documentary is pretty amazing. Very unconventional but so beautiful, visually and musically. Philip Glass provides the score for this documentary film. Sadly i am actually yet to play this blu-ray, i cannot wait to watch it again.


Masters of Cinema #83 – Harold and Maude

20140725-014717 am-6437262.jpg

When i heard this was getting released i had go buy it! When i first saw the film i fell in love with it! It felt like an old school Wes Anderson movie or the origins of such a tone and atmosphere that Anderson revived in present years. The plot is odd for its time early 70s! But its full of enjoyment nevertheless.

First Criterion Dvd -Mishima

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I am a massive admirer of everything the criterion collection is and represents i literally drool over their packaging especially this one! I love and adore this film from its score to cinematography! I’m a Mishima fan and this fan is gold its so beautiful and all the features are wonderful! I bought this off Amazon because unfortunate for us in the UK the US does not ship outside which is soo upsetting so i paid a lil extra but i don’t care i think its worth every penny. However here in the UK we have the Masters of Cinema i happen to have one of their dvds which i will do a post about 🙂
I hope to collect more from the Criterion Collection they have some amazing dvd that are a must have!