Quick Fire Reviews Part 3 – Horror Edition!

When looking back on some of the films I have recently watched, I noticed a lot were horror films, that were also released  in 2014 according to IMDB, so I thought i’d make a horror edition to my every growing quick fire reviews!


This one popped up on Netflix recently and has come to many peoples attention. While watching this film I didn’t know wether to laugh or actually be creeped out. I found myself laughing a lot throughout the film. It’s premise is eerie and so is the outcome. The use of ‘found footage’ is well done here and there are some creepy aspects but something felt lacking overall.

Unfriended/Cybernatural :

My most recent watch and the most probably well know of them all. This film takes found footage to a new level, incorportaing a modern twist. I say modern cringeingly as the internet subculture of todays teens is just that. It takes the very common slasher film which a bunch of teenagers, on the surface featuring all stock characters of a slasher film minus the token black guy or girl. But the film does give a good twist(not too surprising) by stripping the common tropes of the ‘Virgin- last girl’ to reveal our ‘protagonist’ is really the original ‘antagonist’ to prior events of the film. If we probably look more into that you could get a deeper meaning/message that the film has to offer on internet culture while inverting slasher conventions.NICE.


An interesting premise of a film that I had been intrigued since viewing the trailer. I was also interested in the leading actress outside of Game of Thrones. I don’t think the acting was that great, Something about it felt really forced in the beginning, but then again it made for great juxtaposition for the later half of the film. Sometimes that can happen, which calls to mind Mullholand Drive, your left wondering about Naomi Watts acting in the first half, but by the end it all comes apparent. Lots of mystery to the film, that borders on annoying at times, I liked the plot but needed a bit more, to flesh it out in terms of answers, I think this film could of benefitted from more clues as to WHY things are happening. However these are face value cons, looking deeper there is some good interpretations out there about the films message on maternity and/or relationships which I found to be quite interesting.


I was so intrigued by the trailer to this film, it looks so out there which I normally love. But this has to be the worst film I have watched this year and maybe ever. This film went from horror, to comedy and I was just plain confused as to what this film wanted to be. To make things worse a certain cameo appearance from a major star just ruined an otherwise already terrible film. He KILLED the film. It wasn’t funny, it was disturbing, it reminded me of the human centipede which i haven’t watched but at least it had a clear tone. Avoid this stupid film.


Another film I caught on Netflix, this film started off a chain of films about time travel, or whatever you call it that I got into! I really enjoyed this small, simple, yet complicated plot of a film. The film plays like Cluedo, with an array of characters, doubting one another, giving a great suspense. The science of the film is kind of mind blowing and makes for the real source of horror, the sheer scale of it. I’d give this a watch on Netflix, if you like films like Primer or Looper, anything to do with time and alternative universes. The end is a real twist in motive to the character which results in a real confusing ending that does not quite give a real conclusion, which to many will be VERY unsatisfying. For me though the joy was the centre of the film, learning how everything worked and the reveal of its never ending-ness.


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