Star of the week: Xavier Dolan

Because I am a pure laziest, I have failed to write up on MANY films I have seen these past months. Sorry for this. And to catch up I will be doing some quick fire reviews and some central ones, aswell as these type of these posts, star of the week to help cover many films and people. I introduce Xavier Dolan. A VERY young Canadian actor and filmmaker, i simply ADORE. As well as being pretty he is also hugely talented. I had heard about his debut film I killed my Mother for some time now, and had been meaning to watch it (as per usual). However thanks to Netflix I was able to watch Dolan’s later film Laurence Anyways, this was due to my recent fascination with the subject of trans characters in films, me simply wanting to learn more about a subject I really have no face to face experience with, Something film allows an audience to gain;knowledge.

Dolan’s Laurence Anyways, is 168 min film that blew me away and hooked me throughout and introduced me to some amazing music. The soundtrack was very memorising, a soundtrack can really give a film an edge for me. After watching the character driven, study of a film I was highly motivated to finally watch I killed My Mother. One of the interesting things in watching a directors filmography backwards, is seeing their trademarks and unique style being planted, but also stripped back the more the go back, watching Laurence Anyways I saw how Dolan had really come into his own craft, and how his latter film was a slow step but also the MAKING of what he is today. I am yet to see his other films but I will be keeping an eye out for his future releases. I want to watch Tom at the Farm very much!

On Dolans directing style, I love his blend of pop culture, using it almost like a fantasy world to capture the realism of everyday life. It’s interesting to see how his first film was autobiographical, a very intimate personal story is here and its refreshing to see as it is so honest and it is easy to see how every choice comes from the directors own life. Dolan also manages to flesh out his characters very much, showing both sides of their personalities, showing they are simply human, I love these types of films, they always draw you closer to the film, enabling you to really feel for the characters.

Dolan reminds me of James Dean. I feel like if Dean had been a director which I think is not a stretch to imagine, he would be as honest in his filmmaking as Dolan. They are rebellious and outside of the norm of film at this moment, Dolan is a rarity in the film industry, so young, has much creative control and is openly gay, which he channels this into his films, which is great and refreshing to see!


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