Mad Max Fury Road (2015) Review

A HUGLEY LONG OVER DUE REVEW! prior to the release of this film I was not interested AT ALL. I knew of the Mad Max franchise, familiar with Tina Turners hit song, which i love to belt out on the odd occasions, I even vaguely knew of George Miller, he has is own unique style, with his grey curly hair and cute glasses. On my trip to Cannes many were pumped for this film, leading me to eventually come abroad the hype train. This was reinforced by seeing the premiere, hearing the epic music and seeing the stars, featuring two of my favourite actors, Tom and Charlize. I had half heartedly viewed the trailer before but I really mean it when I say I had no interest in the film.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to the film in Cannes, but thats a whole other story. When i got back home, me and my dad(cinema buddy) went to see this in 3D. I didn’t know anything about the plot of this film and I was blown away. By now you have probably heard so many people rave and rant about this film that this is long over due with them. But if anything I want to add my 2 cents.

Hailed by many as the best action film in the last 10 years or so, the audience experiences a stripped back version of the ‘typical action’ movie we are so accustomed to in this day and age. A simple plot that many have embraced and some others have been agitated over, We see Max back. Maybe not on the surface as mad as the war boys or any of the other over the top characters, but instead very subtly he is very mad, as Miller cleverly shows through the lack of dialogue(after years of being alone) and striking imagery of Max’s deceased past. The film is pure post-apocloptic full of rich characters and a rich backdrop, we are thrust into this world with little knowledge. The film does not stop the action of story to tell of countless exposition as to why anything is the way the world is, it simply drops it in seamlessly throughout, we as the audience have to really pay attention and put ourselves in this world. Even my dad loved this film, he was raving out it after. I always loved how the relationships between the characters formed and grew over the course of this ‘road movie’ Max and Furiosa don’t simply fall in love etc, but instead fall to respect each other, after fighting each other they come to form a common enemy which brings them together to want a common goal. Redepmtion.

The masterpiece of this film comes literally from the mastermind that is George Miller. He said himself he wanted the film to be black and white and silent, reminiscent  to Buster Keaton’s epic The General. In having this knowledge one can see why this film is so successful, I believe, anyway, that these type of stripped back films really capture the pure essence of early cinema, which ponders to our basic need of entertainment. It’s only now the audience is incapable of concentrating.Miller packs a punch in beating this new age dilemma with cinema audiences through clever camera work, beautiful cinematography, epic score, and great action sequences. And also great performances from the actors themselves of course!

After viewing this film I went and read and watched as much as i could on the film and was pleasantly surprised to new things I learnt. Such as:

  • How long this film has been in development, aka it was in development hell
  • Miller has back stories to all the characters, which he went through with each actor before shooting.
  • Most of the film used practical effects
  • Miller invited playwright Eve Ensler to act as an on-set adviser. Impressed with the script’s depth and what she saw as feminist themes, she spent a week in Namibia, where she spoke to the actors about issues of violence against women
  • Miller wanted his wife, to edit the film because he said it would look the same as every other action film if a man did it.
  • Every scene is filmed in the centre of the frame, to make it easier for the audience to follow the fast paced action. Something I learnt and thought was very clever.

There are many other things I learned but these stand out the most for me. The film has many interpretable themes about feminism, religion, environment and survival, i urge you all to look deeper into these themes regarding the film because it really does give it extra layers for repeated viewings.There is also a planned sequel to this film which I am so on board for and looking forward to. I hope the hype does not become too much and it takes a new interesting direction which I am sure Miller is keen to do after developing this same story for last 10 years! So if you haven’t seen this film.. go watch it now.


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