Summer Reading List! 

I thought, since I had shared my life in book in 2014, i’d share what I hope to have read and finished this year. September- end of 2014 was a poor time for me in reading, being caught up in my first year of uni I really had no time or concentration to read, the same going for the first part of 2015. And so i’ll be dedicating this summer to finishing the books above, which i had started reading them all! I look forward to reading them 🙂 I will comment on all the books starting from the bottom:

Lynch on Lynch: I purchased this book at the BFI store, a beautiful store which i love and wish to visit more often. I went through a brief period of Lynch loving ? recently getting into Twin Peaks, and always been a fan of his film work, it thought i should read up on the man behind the camera.

Runaway Horses: The second, instalment of Mishima Yukio’s trilogy of Sea of Fertility, this book is well overdue, as I had read the first in 2012 or 2013 one of the two! leaving such a wide gap, especially in a foreign series really does hinder the experience, therefore i must finish this book this year!

Anna Karenina: I started this book late 2014, and  I am half way through, i adore this book and really want to finish it this summer, i am still within the narrative and so picking it up and getting back into it isn’t so bad. It’s just a very big book haha.

Someone At A Distance: I couldn’t resist buying another Persephone book, and so this was a guilty pleasure book, i wanted to buy a summer read and this book is the perfect one!

Dylan Thomas: My most recent book, which had been on my Amazon Wishlist for some time, i didn’t mean to actually buy this book (a long story) but this happen to be the book i am most interested in reading right now.. after reading Clarke Gables biography I wanted to read some more, and they are really great reads, especially when you are so invented in the person.


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