It Follows (2014) – Review

I saw this film at the BFI, an early screening with a Q&A with the director and actors which was a really great experience. I really should of done this review then, just before, but of course i got over run with things to do. But i thought I would still do this review 🙂

A refreshing new direction in the horror genre, in which i felt a lot of people sighed a breath of relief upon its release, the film takes the old horror which we all fell in love with in the 70’s and 80’s(in particular HALLOWEEN) and gives it a fresh new update without falling into the slasher category. From the score to the cinematography this film is an enjoyable watch. It felt all-american, bringing to mind  A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween , I also loved the new horror monster, which presents itself in the form of ourselves an age old horror tale, which had been masked (literally) by costumes etc. This films offers no answers, and sometimes that can be the downfall for some, it has rules, but no origin or history on which the audience can lean back on and fully absorb, i’m a girl who likes answers and ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is relevant in horror. Other times not knowing the answers point blank can back a film up and give it more, by revealing less. In this case i think it JUST manages to scrape by.

While this film didn’t really scare me, i even watched in the cinema (a perfect atmosphere to truly experience horror) i also wasn’t so convinced on the characters. I liked the dynamics but was left wanting more, with a strong set up, more character development was needed to carry it through to be really satisfying. All in all, it is worth a watch, i should like to give it a second viewing for sure.


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