Classic Review – The Third Man (1949)

At Cannes Film Festival, I attended the screening of an Orson Well’s documentry and then after a film, The Third Man, directed by Carol Reed. Orson Well’s is not a man i am too invested in, I studied Citizen Kane for my uni assignment and came to really respect the film on multiple viewings, i have watched two of his others films and that is about it. His image is iconic however in film. Going into this film, i didn’t know what to expect.

A classic noir, thriller from the 40’s i feel like this is a really playful, fun film. I was pleasantly surprised to see Trevor Howard in this too! The score really lends itself to speak about the nature of this film. It isn’t too serious, it is like a game of Cluedo. All the characters are perfectly set up, you could pull them out of a hat of conventional characters. However this doesn’t hinder the enjoyment of the film, all the more it makes you appreciate it. It could be seen as a slight satire of the noir period preceding this film. I would also say, for those who love mystery to check this one out for definite.

Orson Wells, despite small screen time is really the shinning star, and his performance was so enjoyable to watch. I admittedly wouldn’t go out of my way to see a film like this, despite my old hollywood craze, but i was pleasantly surprised!


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