Interstellar (2014) – Review

I finally got to see this film this christmas holiday with my Dad, however i didn’t get to see it in IMAX. Nethertheless i think i got a good experience out of it. For me this film is a mix between Inception and Gravity. If you liked either of them films, you will surely adore this one too. I went into this film, not really knowing what it was about… something i feels adds to the viewing experience of a film, it packs a bigger punch. The casting was pretty perfect! all the actors had their shinning moment and worked effortlessly together that gave the film a real authentic feel. Matthew Mconaughey is really riding this wave of new found success and i am excited to see what else he will do. Along with Jessica chastian who i really love watching as an actress. Anna Hathaway was also a great treat to watch, she added a different perspective in the film.

The score by Hans Zimmer is pretty breathtaking and is on the same level as the score for Inception, which unfortunately we have all heard way too much of now. It was so refreshing to hear brand new output, something apparently Nolan encouraged! The score for me really pushed the films cinematic feel.

This film had a beautiful set up and art direction, from the sandy barren earth world, to the juxtaposition of the cold icy other worlds of the universe. The films visuals present something new and grand, reminiscent of 2001. I am really excited by the new sic fi films coming out recently by major directors, i think it’s a genre that was lacking, i don’t here of any stand out films (expect for 2001 of course)

The film sees the Nolan brothers reunite, a collaboration that has showed to be full of creative innovation (Memento!) The Nolan’s show they are great storytellers, visually and through great scripting. I won’t spoil anything or go into plot details but i think this film is great cinema, something different. People seemed to be disappointed or bored by this film, but that is what over hyping a film does. It is a smart film, much like inception, but for some is not trusting in it’s audience enough. For me the ending was a bit too sweet, too perfect packaged even if there was a question mark on the new world that Anne Hathaway’s character landed on, Nolan it would seem to some, doesn’t let his visuals tell the story enough, he spoon feeds his audience. And while this is very accessible to the masses, this weighs the films down, in that it leaves no lasting power. One of the reasons Kubrick’s 2001 has had such an impact is partly due to its many interpretations, its dialogue gives us no answers, only leaving the visuals to keep us questioning. My metaphor for this is a Rubiks cube. Kubrick gives us the cube incomplete, leaving it up to us to try and solve it. Nolan on the other hand completes it for us and places it in our hands after. Nevertheless this film is so worth watching, its great to see Nolan’s filmmaking evolve and see him taking on bigger productions. I look forward to his next film as i am now a ‘Nolan-fanboy’


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