Gone Girl (Review) – 2014

David Fincher’s newest film, i think most cinephiles were excited to this new addition to his filmography. His films are enjoyable and dark. I read Gillian’s Fylns novel in 2012? a raved about book that i wanted to also read, it kept me hooked and had a great foundation but for me it fell through in the end. I disliked the characters so much that it was unenjoyable, however i have to admit i don’t know the deeper meaning of the novel, i’ve not read too much on it and maybe i should to get a better understanding of the ending that was, i think, poorly translated onto the screen (kind of) maybe if i read that it all means something greater i’ll appreciate it but i think it was too frustrating on the outside, a problem which the average movie goer will also face.

The film has been adapted very very closely and one of the best book to screen adaptions i have seen. The two lead performances are outstanding, Ben Affleck is pretty unrecognisable, i haven’t really seen him in good films(IMO, i still haven’t seen argo) also Rosamund Pike was enjoyable to watch, her transformation and her performance as Amy is very admirable, a stand out for me, I especially like a certain scene which if i talked about, would be a bit of a spoiler.

While reading the novel, i felt i was unrealistic at times. Fincher however was able to really adapt to this seemingly realistic world with unusual events, it felt like we were in the universe of The Social Network or Fight Club, ‘normal’ surroundings with unsual characters. I praise Fincher’s direction, i don’t think a better director could have worked it and while i came away from the book grumpy, annoyed and not wanting to read it again… the film has me wanting to watch it again, just to see the details, relive the performances and see the whole thing unravel.

Like David Fincher’s film? like a murder mystery? want to see something unusual from the norm? check this film out. BUT be warned, the ending may leave you feeling….unsatisfied.


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