Quick Fire Reviews PART 2

These films have one thing in common: According to IMDB they were released in 2013. I decided to do another one of these beacause I don’t have a long winded review for them, even though they are very significant releases, I must admit i am feeling lazy, as there are other films i will be solo reviewing(cough interstellar cough) These won’t be AS quick fire as the others because… well i enjoyed these much more then the last ones. For those interested here is part 1 of quick fire reviews!

Blue is the Warmest Colour:

A controversial french film that i was very interested but wary to see. The plot was great, a coming of age film about a young girl, through to adult hood. It looked really fleshed out a relationship that was enjoyable to watch, that while was realistic also had a magical element to it (their meeting of crossing the road and the night club) I enjoyed this simple french film that had a specific story to tell and was told well! but i did feel uncomfortable during the sex scenes.. its never been a strong point for me anyway. If you like french films and want to watch more films to do with homosexuality, i highly recommend this one!

The Great Beauty:

A real great beauty this Italian movie this is! a real odyssey to watch, Fellini-esque, i enjoyed it’s unravelling as our protagonist is looking for something, deep in his past, in Rome, we the audience are taken on this alien life. For me this film reminded me of Cinema Paradiso and Fellini’s La Strada, but with the most beautiful cinematography, a reason to watch this film if anything! full of interesting characters, the film was a joy to watch.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty:

A film that i think easily went under the radar but was obviously something Ben Stiller wanted to make, a personal film. A film i wanted to watch because the subject matter related to me. I loved Stiller’s perfomance but i am not a fan of Kristen Wiig (her face annoys me) Sean Penns appearance is also satisfying. A film full of adventure but also motivation, i felt myself wanting to travel and take risks, the film really struck home for me. The ending also was beautiful in it’s final reveal! Watch this film if you feel de motivated and feel stuck in your daydreams, it is sure to ignite a fire in you to travel and make some changes.

The Past:

My third film i have watched from Iranian director  Asgahar Farhadi, who i think i am involve with. A slow start but then again this how he sets the drama up and then it lights up like fireworks, so much conflict so many POV’s you find yourself knee deep in the emotion and difficulties that the characters are feeling. A seemingly simple situation that slowly becomes more complicated and tense. Farhadi again makes you quesition.. what what I do in this situation? it’s impossible. His family dramas really hit home for me, i can also relate to his young female daughter characters, he really understands how these characters feel which is unusal! While i think this film is inferior to A separation.. and also found out Marion Cotillard was supposed to be the lead lady.. (i was heartbroken) this film is still another great addition to his strong filmography i so look forward to his next film!


A film in the same vein as Trainspotting (the same author) this films is bizarre and confusing but very shocking at the end. I enjoyed the uniqueness of this film, i like the weird ones and James Mcavoy is superb this film and performance reminds me of his other recent film Trance a film that was different… refreshingly different. I like to see Mcavoy challenge himself, these films really bring him out of himself. We see a whole new side to him. I can feel the film tries hard to live up the its source material in trying to do it justice, i think without having read the source material the film is a great achievement in story telling. A crazy film that is a must see film for fans of trainspotting and people who enjoyed Trance.


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