Quick Fire Reviews!

Hi! since i have been absent of late i’ve not be able to write full length reviews of some of the films i have seen. However some films I didn’t particularly care for as much. Therefore I have decided to list some of the films I have seen in 2014 and write a sentence or two summarising my thoughts. There is still a handful of films that i need to see in 2014 before the year is out. That is my current mission right now and I will write proper reviews for those films. Here we go:

The Fault In Our Stars: 

A film that had so much hype it was hard to escape! it tried to hard to not be cliched but ended up being very so. Unrealistic and for me no lovable characters, the film fell flat.


 I looked forward to this film, but came away quite disappointed, a lot of talking a great start but just didn’t follow through, especially character wise.

300:Rise of an empire: 

Incredibly brutal, not in a good way, felt like a cheap cop off from the first which really was able to find a good balance. This film however leaned too much one way and was a bore to watch and cringey at times. Not a pleasurable viewing experience.


A bright, fun British film that really offered something different, quite refreshing. At time I don’t know if i was fully convinced but in the end i came away feeling happy, so therefore its a good family film.

The Invisible Woman: 

A disappointing film as i was excited by Ralph’s directing debut, i know he put a lot into this film and this was a story he wanted to tell and so i respect that. But on an enjoyment level it was like watching wet paint dry. Beautiful looking in parts, but failed to gain my sympathy and interest, there was no connection what so ever sadly!


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