Classic Review: 12 Angry Men (1957)

Another classic off my list! another film off the list from IMDB’s top 250! This film has long held my intrigue ever since i saw it so high up the list, and some weeks back i decided to give it a whirl, as it was on Netflix (always gives me a push to watch a film)

To my pleasant surprise it was an easier watch then i had anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed. A seemingly simple case and simple film, that in the and reveals so many complexities that give this film so much depth and wider meaning and implications. This film was remade two more times to my knowledge and this shows it is a time for al ages as it can be applied even today. This is one of the reasons i believe for me it was so easy to watch.

Technically the film is very impressive. The continuous shots without edit are brilliant to watch, the actors are on point with their characters, solid acting that really uplifts the film. the ONE ROOM in which the film takes place is used to full advantage and again gives the same effect as the continuous shots.

I highly recommend this film to cinema lovers, the average joe may have to watch the most recent remake (none i have seen) but the cinema lover should indulge in this classic featuring Henry Fonda who gives an amazing performance, leaving you wanting to watch him after the case is settled!


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