The 100 Best Romantic Movies!

Since sharing the other list I thought I’d also share this one which i adore and pretty agree on! I’ve recently realised i love romantic films, but not the most conventional ones. Some of my personal favourites are: When Harry Met Sally, Whisper of the Heart and Brief Encounter. (I would recommend them to everyone, their 3 hugely different romantic films that can appeal to different people, but romance is what links them) Anyway CLICK HERE for the list by Time Out London. Additionally the layout of the list is also entertaining and great to go through!


‘When done right, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better in the cinema.’ That’s Tom Hiddleston talking about romantic movies. And he has a point, doesn’t he? The best romantic films have given cinema some of its most unforgettable films and heart stopping moments.

We’ve brought together 101 experts to choose the 100 best romantic movies ever made. These are people who know romance: ‘The Notebook’ writer Nicholas Sparks, ‘Notting Hill’ director Richard Curtisand not forgetting a diva who has devoted a lifetime to seducing a shy frog, Miss Piggy.

There is something here for all lovers. Smash-hit chick flicks. Romcom faves. Forbidden love. Epic tales of lovers washed away by the tide of history. 1980s teen classics that you still see through 15-year-old eyes. Heartbreaking films that we defy you to watch without sobbing.

You can also explore our experts’ personal top-ten romantic movies. You might have guessed that Richard Curtis would vote for ‘Annie Hall’. But ‘This Is Spinal Tap’? And you’ve got to love Tom Hiddleston for admitting to having a soft spot for ‘Dirty Dancing’.


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