The Grand Budapest Hotel -2014 (Review)

The latest instalment from the wonderfully creative director Wes Anderson, gives us another glimpse into his world and invites us on the adventure. As always another great ensemble cast (ESPECIALLY RALPH, WHO I WAS REALLY EXCITED ABOUT) Anderson delivers another excellent film. Anderson’s output is so far very consistent.. maybe TOO consistent…. i fear the day he makes a movie that wont be received as friendly as his films are up to date. Unfortunately i am slightly worried after seeing this film. Now don’t get me wrong the film is stunning as usual but even though there are always quirky bits and quite a small story given a epic adventure (it would seem) I feel like Anderson is becoming stale…. or maybe just gearing up? This film gave a good glimpse of the dark comedy that Wes is capable of, that i don’t think he pushes enough. Underneath the pink cute exterior is a dark humour that i thoroughly enjoy. Ralph’s character really embodies this also. I think for the first time (that i can remember ) in Andersons catalogue that his ending was quite bleak and almost abruptive, obviously playing to real life, and to my knowledge based/influenced by real life. However for this quite whimsical film it felt like a downpour, and while i feel there was a serious undertone to the film, it wasn’t there enough for me to really take in the ending… I don’t fully know what I really make of the film. Sometimes i feel like Anderson needs to take a back seat his films feel like a private joke between friends that sometimes alienate the viewer (i find this with casting alot of the same actors, even though i like the obvious alliance) To compare to his previous films, this is a beautiful film starring one of my FAVOURITE actors.. yes, you Ralph!! but for me, i didn’t come out the cinema feeling completely OVERJOYED though i have to admit i think it’s mostly because i over hyped the film and then my friend did. It always creates high expectations that cannot be met! it’s a terrible thing i suffer from it :/ Either way an enjoyable film with amazing characters! its a great companion to his previous film which i simple ADORE Moonrise Kingdom. Additionally I would like to say i would like to see Anderson do another film more like The Royal Tenenbaums which is probably his most famous but i really think it is his best and also another animation related film, he does them so well.

ON A SIDE NOTE: If you adore Wes Anderson’s films… PLEASE check out Harold and Maude! its’ obviously influence Wes and is so fun and great, you would think Wes, himself made this in a previous life in the 70’s!


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