Classic Review: Re-Animator (1985)



A film i caught late one night on FILM4, Re-Animator is a cult classic that I did NOT know about,which i am enraged about! Starring a familiar face (that weird guy from Frighteners, who is still weird in this film) I watched the film to be quite entertained. An adaptation from a horror story from H.P Lovecraft who I’m dying to check out, the work was said to be influenced by Frankenstein, which is obvious. It’s like Frankenstein gone all wrong! However to my knowledge this film isn’t true to it’s source material… but whenever is it true?! Anway not the best film ever. I loved the main character (Herbert West) who you weren’t sure was the villain or not, but this complexity in character is what i think really makes the film as good as it is and it seems is the reasons for its sequels. Beside’s from West there are two very dull characters who i did not care for AT ALL. The film is fun and the gore is fun. However compared to a strong start the second half of the film gets a bit.. crazy.. and i don’t think in a good way. Because it’s the 80’s i can allow it and really the film is a cult classic, while the second half drops in quality and realism (not that it had much anyway) it’s a great film but someone if your like myself, loves the 80s and loves horror! or should i say a comedy horror, it would be worth checking out for the laughs.


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