The Wind Rises – 2014 (Review)


Acclaimed as Hayao Miyazaki ‘LAST FILM’ it most automatically should have gathered every Ghibli fan to the cinema to say their farewells. However i wouldn’t be surprised if he came back in some way even if it did ruin the perfect aura of his last film as in the future it would be watched with the information in mind as this is  his last film. I went out of my way not to look this film up too much, wanting to experience it without any kind of spoiler even the most smallest things. I was surprised at the story and the way Miyazaki took this film, it showed how serious and passionate he was about the subject matter and was a film for himself! not just the little children (which it really isn’t) In this light i drew comparisons with Iso Takahata’s films, such as Grave of the Fireflies (a much darker film then this) the realism is there in this film however Miyazaki still incorporates his most beloved features in his previous films such as Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle. The magic of the protagonists dreams really relate to me and add a beautiful aspect to the film, without it i think this film would miss it’s sparkle. I think the film is able to deal with sensitive issues at a sensitive era without getting political, a good move to not isolate the film, though some may feel it glosses over it, i don’t think that was the intention at all.

The films score is as expected perfect and beautiful, full of emotion(props to Joe Hisaishi as usual!) . Also before i watched the film the only thing i read was this interview with Miyazaki  this interview really gave me an insight into the importance and personal meaning this film had to Miyazaki and with this in mind, it gave the film an emotional and sentimental edge. (Miyazaki is also possibly the most cutest man ever!!) and so i highly recommended giving it a read 🙂  Also the romance is so sweet and its beautiful to watch it unfold.  The film is long, and for some Ghibli fans that like the magical based films and don’t usually watch Takahata’s films this will be very different and some many find it ‘boring’ but really allow yourself to be taken and swept away (no pun intended) by the film.

Fun Fact: The name Ghibli was given by Hayao Miyazaki bearing the Caproni Ca.309 Ghibli in mind! (Caproni was an Italian aircraft manufacturer that features in the protagonists dreams in the film!)


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