Star of the Week!: Lon Chaney

I have recently watched a documentary about the life and work of Chaney, an interesting character of the silent era that isn’t really mentioned today. It’s a shame but it seems his successor Boris Karloff is more remembered! While chaney will be most known for playing the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, and advancing makeup(special effects) Chaney also played complex characters that were more interesting then some of the roles of the 1930’s. Sadly Chaneys life ended too soon(aged 47) he still had a lot of steam left in him and was even going to play Dracula, after his death it was took over by Bela Lugosi. In addition to watching the documentary i also watched The Penalty which is only free to watch to the public (i HIGHLY recommend) Lastly for anyone whose interested in the silent era, do check out the documentary or even the film, which showcases the dedication and revolutionary actions of Chaney in becoming his characters.


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