Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – 2014 (Review)

20140725-020304 am-7384401.jpg

I was highly anticipating this film ever since the ending of Rise of the planet of the Apes. That film had obviously laid the groundwork for this film and showed promise for the future. I am a fan of the original franchise and have a strange love for it, So to see this reboot do justice (unlike the 2001) it was rewarding. The films strengths are its character development of some of the apes, predominantly Cesar. This made for great viewing and i even thought Andy Serkis should get an oscar or some accolade for this performance! However the film misses the connection to the humans which i also think is due to it changing from Franco, this it seems will suffer the same fate, however maybe it is meant to be purely Cesar’s story.

For me the action is great, so are the visuals i saw it 3D and i thought it benefitted the viewing of the apes IMO. Although a long film, it only again sets the ground work to a possible more outstanding challenging instalment to come. I personally feel POTA fans of the franchise will respect and enjoy this latest instalment !


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