Under The Skin (2014) – Review

DISCLAIMER: I am not a critic, this is just my very causal response and opinion.

This review comes very late. I first saw this film earlier this year when it first came out and i dragged my Dad to come with me (a bad idea) I’ve been very busy with exams etc and so now I have the time to really say my thoughts on the film.

I had seen Jonathan Glazer’s film called Birth, and heard how he was the ‘New Kubrick’ of some sorts, straight away this gained my interest! Seeing the concept and trailer for Under the Skin was exciting;  it was mysterious, a very good selling point IMO for a film. Having watched Birth i was highly intrigued for what this director had in store, as he has made few films but with huge names within them.

Under the Skin is a visual and audio experience, MUCH like Kubrick. I would judge that if you don’t like Kubrick’s films surely you wont like this, however this is much more daring then what Kubrick has ever done, in terms of challenging the traditions of typical Hollywood film(reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001) . UTS for me could fit perfectly into the silent era, something Kubrick himself loved and emulated, really dialogue is not needed, especially when our leading lady is an ALIEN! i think audiences are so used to the perspective of the humans battling the aliens, However now the mirror is reversed. We at first see Scarlett as the hunter but in the end she becomes the prey/hunted by HUMANS aka US. This film could be viewed as a horror story of sorts, playing on the fear of the monster among us, which in the ends turns out to be ourselves.For me the location is great and unusual, adding a mysterious allure(not what you would think of Scotland)  in the way it was captured. I like the contrast of something so supernatural and extraordinary being among the ordinary, the mundane. The film has a lot to say about beauty being skin deep or even men vs. women but i won’t divulge into that, I’ll let you make your own mind up and research. For me the music is a key component to the film, in a way it had to be strong and striking to make up for the lack of dialogue. It was strange but i loved it.

Overall this film is not for everyone and will divide people just as Only God Forgives did last year, however this will even more and it won’t get its deserved respect until years later, like many films that challenge the NOW traditional story telling structure we are so used to!


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