The Wolf Of Wall Street (2014)- Review

WOW. I can honestly say i was shocked at the film and at the same time it made me laugh! alot! more than a typical comedy. I was excited to see this film for a long while now and i avoided any information about it as i could see the hype around it grow more and more and then it was nomiated at the OSCARS and i was dying to see it so bad! but i am also scared of being let down after so much hype. Luckily I wasnt. If you want to know what this film is like i would say its so similiar to GOODFELLAS but more extreme. What i liked about the movie was the great tone shifts, that to me did not shift awakwardly more seamlessely, which is a great achievement. The film is like a dark comedy and Jona Hill is the icing on the cake, he is so good in the movie! this role will be so memorable in his filmography, everytime he is on screen its pure fun to watch him. Leo was amazing. Now i am a Leo fan and so may be biased but i think he pushed himself and showed such versatiitly in his movie, he deserves the oscar, IMO. Marty did great as usual however i feel like 3 hours is just abit too long and may put people off on a whole. This film is difficult to watch its extreme and you may find yourself questions what is the point? All i can say is don’t take it too seriously as an insult, one thing i do not agree with is that the film glamorises the lifestly as seen the film, to me it shows its ugly and i felt replused by it, in no way did i want to live the way they did. The excess made it undesirable. Amazing film. SO FUNNY.


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