Looking to the future

The BFI has made me really motivated to pursue a career in film and instead of just day dreaming about it, ive realised i have to actually go out there and grab the opportunities and gain experience. Which is key. I looked into apprenticeships and work placements. Here are some i found:

  • Warp Films: They offer some work experience placements that are mainly admin work but nevertheless experience in how production works. I looked specifically to this film production company because they have offices based in Sheffield.
  • Working Title: They offer a 1-year intern ship with the Action! program. The program offers to improve your opportunities
    • First hand knowledge of how an international production company operates.
    • Exposure to the development and production process from the first idea to the big screen.
    • A range of industry contacts and help with future opportunities
  • Vertigo Films: They offer work experience placements for students and recent graduates.
  • Tiger Aspects Productions: They recruit runners for productions for 9 month contracts that are designed for new comers to the industry and also offer a separate work experience!

My future plans are to gain work experience placements, attend university and then after apply for an apprenticeship or the runner scheme offered by Tiger Aspects. Currently I have applied for work expereince in Warp Films, I’m happy i have but at the same time very nervous because i don’t know what to expect, it is mainly adminsitive work but i get to know how a production company runs which would be very insightful!


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