12 Years A Slave Review (2014)

I watched this film at the cinemas on Saturday and wow was it brutal, beautiful and BOLD. I remember seeing this in production on IMDB and the along with the interesting director McQueen and AMAZING cast, i knew this would be epic, i remember being intrigued by the films plot, thinking how will this be done. The director makes his mark and his style is very visible, beautiful cinematography along with Zimmers close like TIME score.. (so beautiful of course you would want to use it again and again) the film isn’t afraid to show the violence or more, the aftermath. This movie is constantly letting the audience know this isn’t an issue to take lightly (sorry DJANGO) though Fassbenders psycho character can be comedic you still know he’s evil. Ah… Fassy… HE WAS AMAZING.. although he is playing alot of villainous roles lately i would like to see him play a more sympathetic character again. To me he deserves an Oscar for best supporting. All the other actors hold their own I can’t give enough praise to Chiwetel Ejiofor, for his beautiful face and acting and also Lupita Nyong’o.. wow she is stunning and her performance alone BROKE my heart! i really hope she wins an Oscar and goes onto the do more amazing roles!

The story telling what great, for me it felt realistic and really took you on a journey, its not an easy watch. There are moments you may want to turn away, however the film is great i highly recommend it will get you thinking, each character is complex, you can see the inner struggles they ALL face, which is fresh and deep.


  • Bad Accents sorry Ben and Pitt
  • Fassy in that little table cloth hat. omg.
  • Fassy’s stares – SUCH INTENSITY!
  • Chiwetels eyes deserves an oscar along
  • beautiful costumes
  • an ending that hit you in the gut!
  • I plan to read the book it was adapted from!

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