Thelma Schoonmaker – My New Idol


She has edited every movie that Martin Scorsese has made… she was married to William Powell and has received 3 Oscars. Why did I not know about this woman. In film there is still so much more to learn, more movies to see, more actors to discover, more directors, editors, cinematographers everyone to discover. Its a vast ocean of creativity and talent, a ocean i wish to drive straight into. Thelma gives me a real hope and also inspires me to go into editing. Having discovered her I’m coming into contact with more female editors and realised just how behind-the-scenes they really are. Woman are the ‘invisible editor’ and in a way have as much power as the director or producer. It seems women are behind it all, though I believe they need more recognition which i hope is the case in years to come now. Seeing the picture above is a great sight to see, i am so glad to have discovered her, to think the manly films that seem male dominated are woven by a woman is just refreshing, she is to me the star of the week and is going on my list of top influential film makers 🙂


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