The BFI- How is it going?

Having successfully making into the BFI Film Academy I have finished making a short film along with 4 our people. Also on a side note apparently there was alot of other people who applied 🙂 this made me happy that i got in!

Anyway.. i was assigned the leadership role of being the Editor.. and after last times mess i was quite worried and not that excited.. however a night before actual editing, after we had shot the film i was very excited with ideas whirling round my mind i was hopeful for what tomorrow would bring.. I think editing went well… i was nervous about the sound but we basically used all soundtrack on top. I did get stressed out near the end because we were one of two of the last groups left put of four altogether. So to be honest i don’t know for sure whether the film really is good or not. Now that sounds stupid but it’s true… anyway aside from the frustration i am happy to add another short to my list of films i have done.. when I get ahold i will put it up straight away.. that is if I can. But there will be a showing at the cinema to friends & family which is sweet.

Things i was worried about during my time of the short film were bossy people, overpowering people and creative differences and having no friends. However these did not happen i made a friend or friends and no one in the group was over powering to my surprise. We were all mellow and got along great… though probably more quite then the rest of the groups.. i feel like this nearly could have resulted in the chaos of production. But we pulled together and it felt like a very tight production  🙂

The master-classes have been interesting.. some miss and other a hit but overall i did enjoy them, i appreciated the people who came in to talk very nice. and lots of information was greatly useful for the future. It all really inspired me to go a do a project of my own… I hope to very soon. For those interested in my BFI progress i set up a new blog HERE that documents it all in more detail.. the most i can get and i will do big summaries of it on this blog 🙂

*Warning the BFI blog is still in development many posts are in drafts i will hopefully publish this weekend


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