Gravity – Review

  • Director: Alfonso Cuarón
  • Year of Release: 2013
  • Top Star: Sandra.. Maybe Clooney…
  • Final Thoughts: Emotionally Draining….

Finally i saw the film that was advertised as ‘The best movie of the year’ now when I first encountered this film i wasn’t really that excited.. the actors to me seemed pretty mainstream.. and their not the type of actors I’m really into anyway. The director i am briefly acquainted with and so this film was like ‘meh’ to me, However after all the rave reviews etc etc and the comments on its 3D-ness being amazing i went to see it with my trusty cinema pal … my Dad.

Now the film is beautiful yes.. reminded me of a modern day 2001… which I felt protective off. Gravity to me seemed modest and it paid homage to 2001 without trying to copy it. The plot so simple, many might complain however the simplicity of plots reveal alot about the human condition blah blah all that, but they are very emotionally engaging and the film very much tried to do that alot,, put you in Sandra’s place. Now she did a great job straight away i could allow her.. however George i was so wary of.. i thought he might bring the film down.. however he was fun and good looking and to not spoil anything he wasn’t over used. :S

Anyway the films message is clear to me and i am glad I went in knowing nothing it really does enhance any film you watch the twists and turns kept coming and it made for a really good film. Overall a good film! simple plot but had a lot going for it it did a good job of giving a new light of space and really did step a new way forward in terms of film making.


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