Being Female and wanting to be a Director*

Now this year I had been exposed to the thinking of feminism, when I was growing up i don’t recall receiving any sexist comments.. that hurt me or that stood out.. though now i feel like sexism is ingrained into society and is often ignored by females, accepted or even sadly reinforced. The boys attitudes in my school can be called sexist the way they talk about girls is sometimes very uncomfortable but we just laugh it off. Before I get into film here is a interesting post I found on Tumblr: Here

I always knew film was dominated by males however i never really let this get me down.. yes Kathryn Bigelow recently won an oscar but she is the first ever female to have won for best director. That’s saying alot. Even worse its mostly white males. Even more depressed as I am Mixed Race. The odds seem all against me at the moment however I do believe in doing something you love, i could never imagine myself doing a job that is the same everyday a desk or supermarket job,, for me there is more the life. I ingrain myself in art i want to create it and be apart of it, leaving some kind of memory or even a legacy no matter how small or insignificant.

If i was to be honest a dream of mine would be to win best director however I know i might now even go into directing but i hope i receive some kind of reward or recognition to be able to pave the way forward for young girls of every race and make them think ‘i can do that too’… now this may seem all cheesy.. I know however I don’t care. Aspirations and ambitions are great to have, I’m happy to say i have some.

Now my views on feminist, sexism are way beyond the film industry however I won’t go into it, though maybe I’ll’ll do a rant is boiling up.

*= I may not want to be a director,, who knows.


2 thoughts on “Being Female and wanting to be a Director*

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope dreams can carry you to fulfillment of the dreams.. However let the road that carry you be the most important, not the dream of the award.. I’m a white man however 😉 trying to be a poet in a second language.

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