Applying to University

Hey guys.. I thought I’d let you in on which Universities I am applying for and some reasons why 🙂

*DISCLAIMER: Highly improbable that I will make it into any of these however i still wish to share my choices. Also they are in no Particular order.

Sheffield Hallam: This uni is in my hometown.. a safe backup however it is a great uni never the less and the film course looks pretty perfect! tho I just really want to gain some independence and confidence.. experience something new…

Kent University: I mentioned this uni before HERE. I travelled down and I loved the feeling,, it looks like a great course and offers a year abroad or a year in industry! something i think is valuable to film. PLUS it is near London 😉

York University: A renowned university, its got great facilities and i think it would be great to go (I heard York is pretty nice place) however it has the highest required grades…

Hertfordshire University: A uni i decided on last minute it seemed like a nice solid choice and offers great practical, not much to say on this one..

Bournemouth University: When i mention film all I hear is this place! right down in the south it would be a long long away however I think it would be a great university for me creatively and looks very hands on! I was pretty star struck by this one for some time…

At this moment in time my application hasn’t been sent yet however I wish to bump up one of my target grades and then hopefully it will be okay.. I’ll’ll make a post when/ if i get offers updating you guys 🙂


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