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On Wednesday last week I caught two coaches to Kent, Canterbury. It was long and tiresome but I think in the end it was worth it as Kent proved to be worth it! it was impressive the facilities and just the general peaceful air of the city and university, the long distance from home is my ONLY worry, ideally I wouldn’t want to be TOO far away from home, however I feel all the courses I desire are mostly in the south, this course in particular just feels so perfect with the right opportunities. a safe environment and a respected university sounds perfect to me! I just hope if I did go there I wouldn’t feel hugely isolated. The other students there seemed okay however at one point I did feel out of place, I don’t ever really know who I am in the social class per say, and so I didn’t know if I’d fit in as much as I would hope. an additionally benefit would be the closeness to London which I would hope to take great advantage of! Other places I am yet to visit are Bournemouth and I am to attend an open day at Sheffield Hallam Uni, which I am looking forward to, to compare and see which I feel is better.


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