The Struggles of an amateur first time director.

By no means am I a professional and taking the task to independently organise the cast, script and crew AND equipment was a hard task, but it helped knowing people who could provide the extra assistance. Being an anxious person this came quite last minute and also had to schedule around everybody, i used friends as actors (always a no no i hear) and my friend offered to write the script for me as i gave her a outline guide on the plot and characters. the equipment was pretty basic (camera, tripod, voice recorder, oh and natural light) My short is a light comedy, something i have never attempted or wished to,,, and now i know why. It obviously requires a skill, in the actors and editing that i just didn’t realise till in the editing process. EDITING  nearly killed me, i had an idea for editing but when it came down to the finished product i realised it just wasn’t… right. I was able to receive constructive criticism that pushed me in the right way and was able to make a watchable film. I had to re-watch the film countless times, which made me resent the project in the end.

Things i learned,, sort the sound out,, make sure you know what your doing in that aspect it really is one of the most important parts of your film. Be patient,, make time,make a SCHEDULE and i think people may be right when they say don’t employ friends even if it sounds like the most easiest options… they can sometimes let you down when you need them most not to. Next time i hope to have some more equipment that is mine own aswell and just be more organised so i don’t have a mental breakdown.

The film will be screen this Saturday around my area at the Zero Budget Film Festival, had some wonderful support from them. I will shortly put a link up of the film for your guys to check out 🙂 x


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