New Documentary – First day of filming

Documentaries were never a focus point in my film ambitions however when i spontaneously decided to document my friend and singer/song writer Selina Lee preforming at Tramlines festival all that changed. After the project ended and i saw the final product I decided to include Documentaries as something I would be open to exploring further. I begun to have all sorts of ideas in mind and soon my friend helped me with something that had crossed my mind.

My friends mum is a local artist who is just establishing her name around the town and i already thought of the idea of doing one for her but never intended to pursue. luckily for me I have supportive friends who help me by supplying opportunities. and so Saskia (the mum/the artist) had an upcoming show where she would display her work at the Botanical Garden and they came up with the idea of me documenting a mini profile and and also the event.

And so today i just finished the first day of filming in her studio, i went very unprepared as i don’t have experience planning documentaries especially as i find it VERY collaborative with who I am documenting. Film is collaborative much to my advantage, sometimes i need ideas to get the clogs turning in my mind. lots of talk, tea and random shots of film, it was great and i love art so it was even better for me. I mean i wanted to be an artist (manga more precisely) before wanting to be a film maker.

I am already excited by the final result and am eager to film more and so i will discuss with you guys my progress and difficulties and update constantly 🙂


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