The Conjuring – Review


Directed by James Wan, (Saw & Insidious) and having a good trailer, i felt very excited for this film, as being a avid fan of the horror genre, i am always looking for a quality scare.. a good plot without teen sex. (slashers.. ew.)

Things I’ve learnt this year: Do Not have high expectations for films based on trailers or in general.

this is a formal review very casual and so i don’t really want to go on about the plot details rather my thoughts. I felt the film had potential to be a great horror, James Wan could have fixed his formula that half worked in Insidious, in The Conjuring, however it seemed to me he simply duplicated it into the Conjuring. The light comedy of the double act for me halted the tension of the overall film that it works to hard to build in the first half. i mean i don’t mind a horror comedy but not just a random sprinkle of it. For me having such high expectations (I really thought I’d be scared watching this film) I found myself feeling not so scared and disappointed. I think though this will be popular for many people who see a lot of slasher films, this film certainty i respect for taking the genre seriously and trying to reinvent it in a way, James Wan is a great, impressive film maker in the horror genre his style is very there however for me he needs to take out the comedy, leave that behind and not go into the gimmicks or cheesy horror. The last disappointment i felt was the ending, however I realised that was due to the fact this film was ‘based on a true story’ I won’t spoil the ending however i leading to believe the ending would mirror insidious and i thought ‘oh no’ but then when it didn’t i was disappointed. The house décor was beautifully 70’s though the clothes of Vera Farmiga distracted me a lot through out the film.

Forgetting my disappointments i think this is glimpse of the future of films for the horror genre (My very personal opinion) i want/hope to see it being taken more seriously, film makers really using their imaginations to scare the audience psychological not with guts and blood (not that there is anything wrong with that) so The Conjuring is definitely one to watch for any fan of horror indeed 🙂 TTFN x


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