Clark Gable – Revisiting old Hollywood

20130801-011945 PM.jpg

What i would also like to bring to this blog is once a week a post about a star or director of old hollywood, last year i become hooked on the era, glamour and personalities that embodied old hollywood, the greatest icons such as Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and many many more

One hollywood star i took a shine to was Clark Gable also known as ‘the king’. For me clark is handsome and an original leading man in the movies i love Gone with the Wind and It Happened Last Night! I also am intrigued in his private life and his love with Carole lombard. He was also an icon to the icon Marilyn monroe who is still a present icon today. All this leads me to buy his biography which came the other day and i am yet to read but am excited to. Not always praised for his acting skills this man had the charisma that many didn’t and i feel like he is an endearing man that needs to be remembered 🙂 TTFN x

20130801-011919 PM.jpg


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