Only God Forgives – Review/ Reflective Thoughts.


Disclaimer: This will be a very casual chat on my part about the film, I am in no way a film critic just a movie-goer/budding film-maker

Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn who also did Drive, a huge buzz surrounding this film as it starred the familiar face Ryan Gosling and the superb actress KST. When i first saw the trailer i was very excited, what i saw looked beautiful and intriguing leaving me wanting more, However i soon heard about the boos at Cannes and the bad reviews flooding in, this just made me want to watch it more! When i did watch this film i went in with low hopes, just because i find that amazing trailers always leave me disappointed when it comes to the actual film.. anyone else get that? anyway i actually came out of seeing the film, surprised by my non disappointed and in fact my enjoyment. cinematography, score, actors and story all kept me hooked, i found the characters all individually intriguing even if there was not much dialogue. I feel like people shouldn’t even complain about the lack of dialogue because images speak a thousand words, along with actions, remember Charlie Chaplin?! yes he could tell heart felt stories without dialogue. only a few not even spoken. Anyway i saw it twice, the second with my mum. I knew she wouldn’t like it but i think it can still effect you no matter what. I don’t wish to make this long but feel free to leave your views on the film, how did it make you feel? etc all that stuff! TTFN x


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